Purva Karma for Purification and Complete Detox


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In Sanskrit, purva means “first,” “early” or “preceding” and karma translates as “action” or “activity.” Purva Karma prepares the body for detoxification and it consists of ingestion of Ayurvedic Solutions, massage treatment with oils and hot baths or steam baths to induce sweating so that sticky substance which are not usually excreted are removed from the body.

Purva Karma at Niramaya Ayurveda, Dugha Include Following Treatments

1. Abhyang With Steam

Abhyanga treatment with steam shower gives you a pleasing sensation by removing the poisons from your body. The oil, entering the body for this therapy, would also wipe out the layer of flaky skin. Restore the condition of your coarse hair with Abhyanga steam bath.

2. Abhyang Without Steam

Get a blissfully comforting massage with Abhyang treatment. Abhyanga is the best step to make your body prepared for panchakarma. Reduce your pain, tiredness, and stiffness with this therapy. Instead of steam, the therapist may use oils for softening your tissues.

3. Shirobhyang at Niramayaayurveda

Try out Shiroabhyanga with or without any massage oil. You will get rid of stress while the professionals keep on rubbing your forehead and scalp with their palms. A short Shirobhyang massage session would surely give you a lasting result.

4. Shirobasti

Shirobasti, a wonderful Ayurvedic therapy, keeps you away from psychosomatic diseases. Forget the strains of your life and strengthen your immunity with the over-oiling technique of Shirobasti. The medicated oils and liquids applied by professional therapists at Niramayaayurveda will update your health status.

5. Padabhyang

Our feet have a connection to our soul and body, and based on this belief, we have found the origin of Padabhyang- the foot massage. Rejuvenate the nerves in your feet and release all the blocks, holding back the energy.

6. Pichu

Pichu or spine treatment provides a good relief to your painful joints. The lukewarm medicated oil for the pichu treatment acts as the remedial solution to your degenerative spinal issues. This palliative treatment works best for both your spine and head.

7. Shirodhara By Oil

The ancient oil-based therapy, Shirodhara fights against your stress. The continuous stream of oil to your forehead promotes your well-being and calms your mind. Shirodhara reaches the core of your nervous system, providing you with impactful effects, desirable to your health.

8. Shirodhara By Kawath

Shirodhara always ensures a delightfully soothing sensation to us. Now, to get more, you can have Shirodhara by kawath. The medicated decoction, poured over your body, helps in better blood circulation. It is also the best remedy for your arthritis, rheumatism and swollen joints.

9. Shirodhara By Takra

As one of the forms of shirodhara, takradhara involves the use of buttermilk. The medicated buttermilk gives you amazing physiological benefits. Stress reduction, stronger immunity, better mental health and more glowing skin- you will get everything from takradhara Ayurvedic treatment.

10. Shirodhara by Milk

The unique formula of mild warm milk and herbs makes Shirodhara a very effective treatment. The herbal milk has the best potential for reducing your depression and for preventing the sleep disorders. You will also have sharper memory for having a Shirodhara treatment with milk.

11. Katibasti

Katibasti, the non-invasive Ayurvedic therapy, is the best solution to your back pain. The use of natural oils, ghee and herbs results in a healing effect on your cells. Soften your muscles with this hot fomentation treatment. The herbalized steam reduces your herbal discomfort.

12. Janubasti

Janubasti, a specialized Panchakarma treatment upakarma, adds strength to your knee muscles. Using a medicated oil and a mould, you can carry out a Janubasti. Increased appetite, reduced skin patches and better immunity- you will get everything from a proper Janubasti treatment.

13. Grivabasti

Known as the Ayurvedic oil and heat treatment, Grivabasti reduces your neck discomfort and pain. It is best for treating cervical spondylitis and for repairing the damage to your cervical spine. Stimulate your blood supply and nerves with this natural therapy.

14. Prushthabasti

To treat your back pain and to nourish your vertebra, Prushthabasti is the most effective remedial option. Initiate the natural healing process by applying herbal oil for your upper and lower back. Cure your degenerative conditions with this pain-free Ayurvedic therapy.

15. Netra Tarpan

Netra Tarpan gives the most rejuvenating effect on your eyes. The natural healing ghee and a dough of black gram form the major constituents of this therapy. By strengthening your eye tissues, this treatment cures your blurred vision and dry eye issues.

16.Sarvang Dhara (Pizhichil)

Also called as Kaya Seka, Pizhichil is the blend of fomentation and oil massage. The therapy is all about the use of ghee and herbal oils to improve your blood circulation and to strengthen your immunity. You will have a rejuvenated body from this treatment.

17. Sarvang Dhara (Dhanyaamla)

Dhanyaamla alleviates your inflammation problem with the fermented medicinal process. It’s a different Ayurvedic treatment for treating the swollen joints, neurological issues, arthritis, hemiplegia, spondylitis and rheumatism. Get a curing effect by applying different types of Ayurvedic ingredients.

18. Anuvasanbasti at Niramayaayurveda

As one of the detoxification techniques, Anuvasanbasti nourishes your intestine and cleanses your colon. Have a rejuvenating effect for this therapy. Fomentation, steaming and sudation are major techniques for Anuvasanbasti. Medicated oil passes through your anal route very precisely.

19. Karan Puran

For the natural therapy for different ear ailments, Karan Puran is one of the best options, preferred by Ayurvedic professionals. The instillation of medicated oils helps in curing Meniere's disease, hearing loss and tinnitus. We also call this treatment as Karna Poorna.

20. Udvartan

With a little more pressure, udvartan massage helps in liquefying your subcutaneous fat. You will have tougher and stronger body. Udvartan also alleviates your skin roughness by opening the micro channels. It is a versatile treatment, for preventing your itching, drowsiness and body odor.

21. Lepa-Locally

Using the medicinal paste, Lepa is useful for treating a variety of skin issues. Keep your skin healthy and disease-free with the Putikadi Lepa, Triphaladi Lepa and Talakadi Lepa. There is no risk of any side effect with these lepas.

22. Ardhang Dhara

Ardhang Dhara, as one of the best Ayurvedic treatments, is right for treating your stress, insomnia and tension. Nourish and stimulate your cells with this Ardhang Dhara therapy. Ardhang Dhara presents you with a very holistic way to improve your health condition.

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